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جهز الروشتة بتاعتك (ورقة وقلم) عشان كل اسألتك في العقود و تأسيس الشركات حيكون ليها اجابات بكرة.

Business Coffee | Legal

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Business Coffee | Legal
جهز الروشتة بتاعتك (ورقة وقلم) عشان كل اسألتك في العقود و تأسيس الشركات حيكون ليها اجابات بكرة.
الميعاد:- الخميس الساعة 10 مساءا
المكان:- اونلاين علي Zoom
الاشتراك:- مجانا لكل العضويات المجانية علي بلاتفورم
لينك الاشتراك:-

الحلقة برعاية Biznes Clinics عيادات البيزنس
ضيوف الحلقة:-

Reem Bannis

Reem Mahmoud Bannis, Startups Legal Counsel, The Legal Clinic
Reem Bannis is a qualified lawyer and a member of the Egyptian Bar Association. Reem joined Levari in 2017 as a member of the corporate team. Reem works on company incorporation, corporate legal procedures, commercial contracts, and Intellectual Property.
Reem did her initial training at Commercial International Bank Egypt where she practiced legal drafting and corporate law. During her training, she dealt with the Central Bank of Egypt on investigations and distribution of inheritance.
Reem has great experience in providing legal consultations and Workshops to startups. She is handling arbitration cases and provided more than 400 different kinds of workshops on different legal aspects in different governorates.
Drafting different types of contracts and agreements. Worked on fundraising agreements, Registering IP rights, submitting corporate legal work, and obtaining different licenses before governmental bodies. Handling clients’ meetings & negotiations and providing legal opinions in different aspects of the law.
Reem now is referred to as “The Legal Clinic” as Startups Legal Counsel where her job mainly is to support Startups and entrepreneurs by helping in solving any legal struggles they might have.
Reem is an excellent communicator and can break down the complex legal text into a more digestible language! She is also passionate about start-ups and always happy to make time for them.
Reem graduated in 2017 from the faculty of Law, Ain Shams University (French section) and she holds a master’s degree in Public Law, and she earned a diploma in Administrative Law.

Wesly Adel

Wesly Adel Habib is a lawyer and a member of the Egyptian Bar Association (Appellate Lawyer). Wesly founded Wesly Law Office in 2014 as an office which provides legal advising and legal services for startups , SME and others.
Wesly Law Office works on company incorporation, legal drafting, litigation, legal consultation, real estate, commercial contracts, intellectual property etc.
Wesly graduated in 2010 from the Faculty of Law. He has a Diploma in NGOs Management from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science (FEPS), Cairo University. He also has a Professional Diploma in Legal and UN Translation from the School of Continuing Education, the American University in Cairo.
Wesly AdelWesly is a legal counselor; his job is to help startups and entrepreneurs find their way to the right legal procedures and situation.
Wesly is a legal expert who has a huge experience in the field of legalities and legal issues. He is a legal consultant for a wide range of Companies


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